“N’Dolera: The Place Which Causes Grief”


Aggie Hurst confronts her estranged biological father in order to reconcile his tragic missionary past, her struggles with adoption, and the story of God’s work in the Former Congo.


N’dolera is a dramatic vignette of the True Story of God’s work in the Congo.

Young missionaries, David and Svea Flood, and their daughter, Aggie, face the tragedy of adoption, the theology of suffering, and the legacy of evangelism.

“I tell you the truth, unless a kernel of wheat falls to the ground and dies, it remains only a single seed. But if it dies, it produces many seeds.”

John 12:24

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About the Creators

The Writer

Leona Worcester is an Award Winning Actor and Writer. She has written short films and features, along with work developing a TV show.

Leona has been acting and creating since childhood. She studied acting both at Shakespeare’s Globe and at London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art where she earned certifications of merit and distinction. She has acted in Theater, Feature Films, Short Films, and Commercials (her recent notable commercial was for Amazon’s Alexa©).

Leona is Deaf and Hard of Hearing (DHH) and is passionate about diversity in casting. She lives with her husband and two children in Texas. She relishes signing and playing piano pieces by fellow deaf artist Beethoven in particular, but also enjoys script consulting, reading classic literature, and sword-fighting.

Go to leonaworcester.com/saltyyarnproductions for more about her work!

The Director

Award Winning Director Larissa Loeffler has been a Writer and Creative since childhood. Her passion is to create films that delve into the deeper topics of humanity and spread truth and hope. She also just loves good, entertaining Cinema!

Larissa is an actor, with credits in Features, Shorts, Commercials, and Voice Over. She currently does plenty of work as a Set Dresser and has experience in many other crew positions, including grip & electric. She received her B.S in Cinema Production in 2017.

See her main page Poiemafilms.com for more about her work.

Behind The Story

Leona found the story of N’Dolera from a Facebook Post [see here]. She was instantly inspired to make the story into a film.

At the time, Leona and Larissa were working in development for a 48hr Short Film Competition. The idea was a powerful one, but almost impossible for the competition. (Their 48hr film actually won the competition, just with a different story.)

But Leona couldn’t let the idea go. Months later she and Larissa came back to the story and started working on it. Larissa pointed out that “it’s a small story within a big story within an even Bigger Story.” What started as a 7 page conversation short has turned into about a 30 minute piece! It’s quite exciting!

Leona is the writer and main story developer to make this story come to life! Larissa has worked closely with Leona to craft the story and the script. She plans to Direct the project and is already excited about Casting and bringing the story off the page and into beautiful images.

After months of revisions, table reads, advise from professionals, and so many phone calls, they are excited to bring “N”Dolera: The place Which Causes Grief” into development!

How You Can Help

Thank you for your interest and support! This film will not be made without prayer and partners to come alongside with skills and resources!

Who we are looking for:

~ Producers

~ Investors

~ Storyboard Artists

~ Graphic Artists

We will be looking for more KEY DEPARTMENT HEADS as we head further into Pre-Production.

Contact us to learn more and see how you can get involved!